The Career Planning Office at Rutgers School of Law- Camden provides limited access to its resources for students and graduates of other law schools under the conditions set forth below:

1.         Reciprocity services are available on a one-to-one basis to students and graduates of accredited law schools that allow Rutgers School of Law- Camden students and graduates to use their resources. 

2.         Services may be denied to students/graduates of any school seen to surpass a reasonable number of requests or which limits the number of requests by Rutgers School of Law- Camden students or graduates. 

3.         Requests for services must be made in writing by a career counseling official of the law school that the student/graduate attends/attended.  Requests should include the name, address, and e-mail address of the student/graduate seeking reciprocity. Our office will send a response to the requesting school and a copy to the student or graduate.  A letter requesting reciprocity for the specific named individual must be received by Rutgers School of Law- Camden Career Planning Office from the individual’s law school career services office before services will be provided.

4.         Services available to reciprocity students/graduates include access to the Career Planning Office’s current job listings not to exceed six month from the date of the letter of approval.  Access to job listings will be via a temporary password that students/graduates may use from any computer.  However, if the requesting school’s reciprocal policy provides only for in-office access to that school’s job listings, students/graduates from the requesting school may only view Rutgers School of Law- Camden job listings in the Career Planning Office.  To view job listings in the Career Planning Office, students/graduates must make an appointment by calling 856-225-6178 or emailing

5.         Services not available to reciprocity students/graduates include: counseling services; Internet access; password-protected services; computers; telephones; and job placement programs.

6.         Reciprocity requests will not be processed during the last week of July and the first two weeks of August each year due to On-Campus Interviewing. Reciprocity is closed during any time which the requesting law school has closed reciprocity.  Online job postings will be available during this time.  Reciprocity students/graduates may not participate in on-campus interviewing or resume collections. 

7.         Reciprocity is not available to students and graduates of other law schools in the Delaware Valley area. 

8.         Reciprocity will not be granted to students and graduates who have obtained reciprocity services from another law school in the Delaware valley area.

9.         If any problems arise with a reciprocity recipient, we reserve the right to notify the requesting school and terminate the student/graduate’s privileges.  

10.       Rutgers School of Law- Camden reserves the right to alter this policy without advance notice.   

11.       Requests for reciprocity must be directed to: 

Marie Peeke
Office of Career Planning
Rutgers School of Law- Camden
217 North 5th Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102