Founded in 1766, Rutgers University, as one of the nation's oldest and largest public institutions of higher learning, enjoys an international reputation for excellence. The Law School is proud to continue this standard of excellence. The Rutgers School of Law—Camden is a place where the highest standards of legal scholarship accompany the deepest commitment to the law. We take great pride in creating a stimulating and supportive environment in which our students can excel and we warmly invite you to join our dynamic institution.

Rutgers encourages students to pursue their interests intensively by progressing from basic courses to advanced integrative experiences. The Law School offers an unusually comprehensive range of course offerings, numbering around 100 each year. These cover all traditional topics of study as well as cutting edge courses in intellectual property, health law, international law, legal history, and philosophy of law, among others. Furthermore, numerous client-centered and simulation courses in the upper level curriculum enable students to develop litigation and lawyering skills.

The Law School offers a full-time and a part-time program, both of which are subject to the same admission and academic standards and taught by the same faculty. Students in the full-time program carry 14 credits each semester in their first year and complete the required 84 credits in three years, while students who choose to enroll in the part-time program carry 10 credits per semester during the first year, take a course in at least one summer session, and complete their degree requirements in four years. The Law School also offers a wide variety of dual-degree programs.

In order to allow students with limited financial resources to attend law school, every effort is made to assist students in financing their education. The majority of students who enroll in the Law School receives some form of financial aid. Additionally, the Law School offers a number of generous merit scholarships.

The Rutgers School of Law—Camden is a vibrant legal community and we thank you for your interest in it.