The Project assists regional community organizations with forming nonprofit corporations and attaining tax-exempt status under the IRS tax code.  Under attorney supervision, teams of Project volunteers assist clients in drafting their bylaws and articles of incorporation, and completing the necessary forms for state and federal filings.   In addition, Project volunteers also participate in twice-monthly case rounds with practicing attorneys from regional firms.  To date, the 501(c)(3) Pro Bono Project has helped over one dozen organizations realize their goal of becoming a nonprofit.

Most recently, the 501(c)(3) Project assisted a church organization that provided scholarships to college-bound students.  Previously classified as a 501(c)(3), the group lost their tax-exempt status when they unwittingly failed to file the mandatory annual reporting paperwork. With our assistance, the group updated their bylaws, drafted their scholarship selection criteria, and completed the required tax forms.  We were thrilled when they informed us that they had regained their tax-exempt status.

All Rutgers Law students who are in their 2L or 3L/4L years are invited to participate in the Project. While no specific disciplinary background is required, this Project is ideal for students interested in the areas of taxation, charities and non-profits, and business formation generally.  Students will gain skills interviewing clients, reviewing corporate documents, writing memos, filing tax documents and general file management, among others.

Please direct all inquiries to the Project’s Managing Attorney, Hillary Ladov, Esq.,