Nominees must
*Be a member of the graduating class of 2016 or 2017 who has not already received a Mary Philbrook Student Public Interest Award.  (Class of 2016 honorees from last year are listed below.)

*Show outstanding public service and public interest contributions, either in community organizations or in the Rutgers community, particularly contributions related to law, justice, and the legal system, and a continuous dedication to public interest above and beyond that of most law students.  Public service and public interest contributions can be made as a community volunteer, on a pro bono basis, in a law school course, or during summer or part-time employment.

* Have a G.P.A. of 2.5 or above

* Be able to attend the Philbrook Award Celebration..

Required Materials
*a letter of nomination highlighting reasons the nominee is deserving of Philbrook recognition;

*the nominee’s resume;

* a brief biography, prepared by the nominee, suitable for use in the Mary Philbrook program booklet in the event the nominee is selected.  

Note to Nominee: Biographies should consist of a paragraph (100-200 words) and succinctly capture the activities and distinctive contributions that qualify you for recognition.  The paragraph should describe your background, your public interest activities inside and outside of the law school, particular social justice passions you are pursuing; and any additional information which may be of interest or relevant to the Awards Committee and to Philbrook Celebration attendees. Please review the biographies of the 2015 Student Honorees for the length, tone and content the Committee seeks; use these biographies to model your own.  If you are selected as a 2016 Student Award winner, the selection committee will create your biography for the program booklet, relying in its discretion on your draft.

Submission Instructions
*Nomination deadline is noon on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

*E-mail nomination letters and supporting materials to Pam Mertsock-Wolfe.

*Nominations from faculty, staff, alumni and students, including self-nominations, are invited.

*Questions regarding student nominations? Contact Pam Mertsock-Wolfe, 856-225-6406.


Class of 2016 graduates previously honored with Mary Philbrook Awards:

Ryann Aaron
Linwood Donelson
Frantz Duncan
Caitlin Faye
Alexis Franklin
Amanda O'Keefe