Current law students may order business cards from Dupli. Please note that RutgersUniversity/Rutgers Law School is not in any way affiliated with Dupli.  This service is provided only as a conveniece to Rutgers Law students.  

Instructions for Ordering Student Business Cards From Dupli

**for current pricing, see the website*

1) Go to:  or click here

2) In the top right corner click on “Login DupliOnline”

3) Fill in:

a.      Account Name: rutstu

b.      User Name: rutstu

c.       Password: rutstu

d.      Click on “Sign In”

4) Under the “Home” tab  on the left click on “Business Cards”

5) Click on “Select”

6) Select the number of cards to be ordered. 

7) From the drop down menu, choose “schools/colleges,” then choose “Rutgers Law School” from the Campus/Schools/Unit 2nd drop down menu.

8) Fill in all fields with the information you want on the card

a.      Suggested title: Candidate for Juris Doctor Degree {insert graduation year}

9) Click on “View Proof”-  note that you may also email the proof to yourself for review.

a.      CAREFULLY check proof to make sure there are no errors. If you place an order incorrectly you are responsible, in full, for all printing and shipping costs related to the order.

10) Click on  “Check Out

11) Fill in shipping and billing address.  Note that in the shipping address section, you must include a “company name”, just fill in your name again.  Click on “Submit Order”

12) NOTE: If you click on “Save Order” your order will not be submitted to Dupli.

13) Fill in credit card information

14) Click on “Submit Order”

15) Note your order number and save it for tracking/receipt.