Approximately 20% of all job openings are advertised.  The majority of employers who post job openings in the Career Planning Office job listing site (Symplicity) are small or medium sized law firms, government agencies or public interest organizations.  These employers represent approximately 85% of the legal market and usually do their hiring only a few months in advance of when they need someone to begin working (Spring for Summer Jobs, Spring/Summer/Early Fall for permanent positions that begin in the Fall).  If you are looking for a permanent position with one of these employers, be aware that they may require candidates to have passed the Bar exam prior to making a hiring decision.  Therefore, they may not seek out candidates until the November or May following the release of Bar exam results.   

Rutgers-Camden law students also have access to the BYU intercollegiate job bank.  The job bank is a compilation of job bulletins from law schools across the country. All students have been emailed the BYU access information.  If you lost this information, please email the Career Planning Office. 

You can also search for summer, school year and permanent government and public interest job opportunities at PSJD and for Federal (and some state) government job opportunities on the Government Honors & Internships Website.   You will also find links to other external job listings websites in the Goverment and Public Interest sections of this website.  In addition, some employers (particularly government and public interest employers) list job openings on their website.  Finally, the Public Policy Handbook contains opportunities in the puiblic policy arena.