Consent form for release of LAWR II brief grade

(or equivalent legal writing course, if you are a transfer student)

*Return during your oral argument try-out


Name and Rutgers email        ___________________________________

Note: you must use the Rutgers email address. This is for your own peace of mind. It’s the safest one to guarantee delivery.


LAWR II professor                  ___________________________________


Semester in LAWR II:             ___________________________________

(ex: Spring 2015)




I am a part-time evening student and require an evening section                      Yes                                                      No 


I hereby consent to the release of my LAWR II brief grade, to Professor Kirby. I understand that the limited use of the release is for purposes of scoring my application to the Hunter Moot Court Program.


____________________________         Date: ________________



[if applicable] I also hereby consent to the release of my ____________________ grade to Professor Kirby (Advanced Legal Writing Workshop, hybrid clinic course, Persuasion in Legal Writing or a graded course in which you worked on a brief and received a grade on that brief).


_____________________________        Date: ________________