During the fall, large law firms, government agencies and some corporations participate in our Fall On Campus recruiting Program. Employers interview 2Ls for summer positions and, in some cases, 3Ls for post graduation positions. Students apply to employers via their Symplicity account during the summer. Employers then select the students they wish to interview and students sign up for interview time slots. Most interviews take place on campus in the Career Planning Office.

Policy on missing class for an on-campus interview: Students should not miss class for an on-campus interview.  Missing a class for an on-campus interview will be treated under Rule 3.8 of the Law School Academic Rules & Regulations in the same manner as missing class for any other reason. Should there be no interview times available when your schedule is free, you may 1) contact the Career Planning Office to see if it is possible to switch times with another student;  2) contact the Career Planning Office to see if there is another time the interviewer could meet you; and/or 3) approach the professor pursuant to his/her policy on missing classes under Rule 3.8.