There is no cap on enrollment, however, students may not get their first choice of placement. (See application process for more information.) We will respect placement requirements establishing qualifications of students and cannot guarantee any particular placement to a student.

NOTE: Externship is "noncourse" credit.

Under the former Camden Academic Rule 8.4, applicable to students graduating in 2016, a student may not enroll in more than 3 noncourse matters during a term, for no more than 6 credits, or count more than 12 noncourse credits toward graduation.

Under the new unified Rutgers Law rulebook, APPLICABLE TO STUDENTS GRADUATING IN 2017 AND BEYOND, no more than 9 noncourse credits may be applied toward graduation requirements. No more than 5 of these credits may be from externship. To implement this limit, all externship courses will be either 2 credit or 3 credit, as determined by the student and placement. Two credit enrollments will require 120 hours of work (60 per credit); 3 credit placements will require 180 hours of work. Students are advised to plan carefully as they select experiential education opportunities.

Students may enroll in Externship and an on-campus clinic in the same term only with permission of both instructors and the particular field placement supervisor.

Externship is very demanding. You will get the most from your experience by being available with some flexibility at your placement. We strongly recommend that students consider carefully their entire program of obligations and not commit to multiple activities which are time intensive, both for their own success at each such activity and for the reputation of Rutgers students. Examples of activities currently available that may be difficult to coordinate with Externship obligations even if rules otherwise permit, are Marshall-Brennan and Eagleton Fellowships, during the spring term when students in those programs have extensive responsibilities.  (During the fall term, Marshall-Brennan and Eagleton Fellowship students have a seminar which should not be a barrier to participation in externship.). You are encouraged to consult with Prof. Katz if you are in one of these programs and also want to enroll in Externship.

Students must be in good academic standing to be enrolled in Externship.