The application process is completely on-line. Before you begin, learn about available placements and prepare for the application process.
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Applications for the Fall Term 2016 term are still being accepted on a rolling basis, there are many opportunities still available.


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Use these links to learn about approved placements:

        Judicial | Civil | Criminal

BEFORE you start your application, look at the lists of approved placements. Be prepared to select up to 3 choices at which to work.

Practice Externships (criminal or civil) are open  to 3L students, and to 2L students if consistent with the applicable student practice rule. Students who can appear in New Jersey courts must be 3L's. Students who will appear in Pennsylvania courts can be second term 2L's. Students who will not appear in court for a client may be either 2L or 3L or equivalent.

All 2L's and 3L's may apply for Judicial Externship.

ALSO be prepared with an updated resume and a writing sample (if required by your selected placements), which you will be asked to upload. Please save these documents under a title that includes your name, so that when it is forwarded it will be clearly identified with you. Some placements do not require a writing sample. To accommodate those applications, we have not made "writing sample" a required field. CAREFULLY REVIEW the requirements for your chosen placements, and include a writing sample if required.

If you have only one or two choices, hit the "continue" button at the end of the page after you select your first choice and then for the next two choices, you may select - "I do not wish to make a second choice" and then hit continue and -" I do not wish to make a third choice".

There will be a space for a short note if you wish to comment on your choice,for example, "I prefer a placement in my home county" or "I do not have a car" or "please note career experience in this field on my resume", which may be helpful, for example, if you do not have a course that the placement has stated is a requirement.

 An important note to judicial applicants:
You will be able to read about individual judges, however when you complete your application you'll be asked about categories of judicial chambers such as appellate or trial. This is to facilitate maximum effective placement of students. If you have a relationship with a particular judge and wish to request that judge you may put a note in the comments box.

Click here to fill out an online application form.

IF YOU HAVE A PLACEMENT IN  MIND THAT IS NOT ON THE LIST, contact the externship director. For example, if you are commuting from a distant county, we may be able to help you identify a placement in your area. We welcome new placements that provide substantial legal work and mentoring.

Follow Through--You will receive an email from Clinic Administrator Mary Ann Purvenasstating your recommended placement at about the same time your materials are forwarded, via email, to the agency or chambers. You are required to arrange an interview with the supervising attorney or judge (or law clerk, in some chambers) as soon as possible. Ordinarily, this is not a competitive process (the agency is sent only the number of students they request), but your placement is not final until you are approved by the agency. A few agencies will simply discuss the placement with you by phone and not require a formal interview. Agencies that are competitive with students from other schools should be so noted in their information profile.

Background Issues?  You may be applying for a judicial chambers, a law-enforcement related position, or other office where you have access to highly confidential information. To be sure that our supervising attorneys are confident in your appropriateness for such a position and to avoid awkwardness for you, we would like to discuss potential background/clearance issues with you as part of the application process. Please note that we do not have access to your admission file. We have found that students with these issues can often be approved for a placement when they are candid and take responsibility. With this in  mind, please answer the question on the application form about "background issues" Answer "yes" if you have ever been convicted or or pled guilty to any misdemeanor or felony, been expelled from or disciplined by any undergraduate or graduate school (including law school) for any reason, accsed of academic dishonesty, or received a dishonorable discharge from the military, or have any criminal charges currently pending or expected to be brought against you.

 Remember to register for Judicial Externship or Practice Externship during the regular course registration period.  If you find that you have concerns about your placement, or change your plans about participating contact Prof. Katz asap to discuss, so that our placements are treated respectfully and so that other students can be accommodated.

Welcome to Externship!.