The Camden campus of Rutgers Law School offers extensive opportunities for students to earn academic credit while working for various public and private nonprofit agencies and for state and federal judges. In addition to the work, students attend seminars and are counseled by supervising faculty to support their professional development. Students can expect to improve knowledge of substantive and procedural law, to integrate practical lawyering skills with this greater understanding, and to be introduced to advanced legal skills in writing, strategic decisionmaking and the like. An externship placement can be invaluable as a step to pursue or confirm career interests.

Practice Externship   Clin. Prof. Harriet N. Katz  (only to 3L students and to 2L students who will not be appearing in New Jersey courts)
Placements include a range of civil and criminal positions, in many of which a student can appear in court under the student practice rules of New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Only public or nonprofit placements for this program.

Judicial Externship    Heather Stapleton and Maureen Behm, U.S. District Court law clerks (for 2L or 3L students)
Placements include US District, Magistrate, Appellate and Bankruptcy Courts, Immigration court, a number of Camden County and other state courts.

For more information for prospective students and current or prospective placements, see links on this page.

Currently enrolled externs and other Rutgers students will find additional information about assignments, enrollment rosters, due dates, and all required forms via the course webpages.