The Rutgers Domestic Violence Clinic provides legal advice and representation to people seeking domestic violence restraining orders in Camden County and occasionally in Burlington and Gloucester counties.

New Jersey domestic violence practice is a fast-paced and challenging area of law.  Many domestic violence restraining order cases culminate in a bench trial before a Superior Court judge in a matter of weeks after a complaint is filed.  While all students are virtually guaranteed the opportunity to appear in court, most also will conduct a full bench trial during the course of the semester.  Thus, students have the opportunity to develop and use trial advocacy skills and the satisfaction of seeing a client’s matter through to the end.  The clinic occasionally handles appeals and other matters in addition to restraining orders.

In addition to developing trial advocacy skills, students are also encouraged to integrate interdisciplinary perspectives on domestic violence into individual client representation and client counseling.  Students often experience the satisfaction of providing vital legal services to under-represented victims at a critical juncture in their lives.

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