If you are considering taking a clinical course, we strongly urge you to attend our clinical information session. Our sessions offer you the opportunity to pre-register for the clinic of your choice. Many times the clinics reach their capacity during the initial early-registration period. If there are more registrants than available openings, each clinic will conduct a lottery selection. Remaining students will be placed on a priority waiting list for the upcoming semester.  Please note that early registration occurs BEFORE the regular class registration period. All registration for the clinical programs is handled directly by the clinical faculty. Students cannot register for any of the clinics through the regular law school registration.

Registration Information for 2016-2017

Clinical Programs FAQs

Clinical Programs Enrollment Registration Form - this registration is now closed.

Clinical Programs Enrollment Registration Form for Summer - this registration is now closed.

The Clinic hosts an information session at the beginning of the early-registration period. (See Law School announcements for dates.)   The online registration form must be filled out and submitted.  The form allows students to designate which clinic they would prefer to take, and elect and second and third choice where appropriate.