The Rutgers Civil Practice Clinic is both a law school course and a law office staffed by students. It is a six-credit, one semester limited enrollment course open to any law student (full-time or part-time) who has completed two-thirds of his or her legal education and has taken Evidence and Professional Responsibility. But most of all, it is an opportunity to apply what you have been studying to the problems of real people, to give serious consideration to the how and the why of the practice of law, to provide a valuable and much-needed service to the Camden community and to bear primary responsibility for the representation of clients who are looking to you for answers. The Civil Practice Clinic involves both client representation and a seminar component. Students provide representation in civil cases under the supervision of an attorney. Working with a student partner, you will undertake all the steps necessary to representation, including interviewing clients, making strategic decisions, drafting documents and briefs, conducting negotiations and making all court appearances. The seminar focuses on the skills necessary to your client representation, the ethical issues that arise in the cases, and your role as attorney and counselor. The Civil Practice Clinic provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Interview and counsel clients.
  • Draft legal pleadings and correspondence.
  • Engage in negotiations with opposing counsel.
  • Confront and resolve ethical issues.
  • Conduct legal research.
  • Appear in court.
  • Work in a collaborative environment.
  • Receive individualized attention.
  • Reflect on the legal profession.
  • Question assumptions.
  • Gain confidence in their abilities as advocates.

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