Congratulations to the students in the 2015-2016 Hunter Moot Court Program. Hunter Students 2015-2016.pdf

General Information The 2015-16 simulation synopsis can be found here

Please join us on Tuesday, April 12th, at 4:00 pm in Courtroom 5A of the Federal Courthouse to hear the final arguments in this year’s Hunter Moot Court Program and Competition.

The finals round teams will be:

Representing Plaintiff/Appellant/Cross-Appellee (Katmandu Radcliff)

Kayla Hill 

Katrina Xyloportas


Defendant/Appellee/Cross-Appellant (Anne Garwood Memorial Hospital)

Jesse Harris 

Andrew Malik


Please also join us in congratulating this year’s Best Brief winners, who will be honored:


(Katmandu Radcliff)


(Anne Garwood Memorial Hospital)

Kayla Hill

Philip J. Farinella & Ivette Vargas

Jason Russell & Lori Smith

James Hearon & Craig Wagenblast



Jenean Kirby

Aaron Creuz and Sara Cutuli are the 2015-16 Hunter Moot Court Board Co-Chairpersons.

The Appellate Advocacy: Hunter Moot Court program is a year-long advanced writing and public speaking course as well as a competition. It is named after The Honorable James Hunter III, a judge of the Third Circuit, whose law clerks endowed the program in 1989. The goal of the program is to work on students’ client-readiness skills in an appellate context. Participation is determined by a spring selection process that includes an oral argument “try-out,” as well as a consideration of the student’s grade in the second semester of the first year legal writing course series or in an advanced writing course. Additional information about the selection process will be posted on this web page in April. 

The program consists of a graded course component in the fall and spring semesters (a total of 5 graded and course credits, W-I, S), as well as a spring semester oral argument competition. Students selected for the program, commit to both semesters, and commit to being available for all of the argument rounds in the spring semester. The fall semester concludes with the submission of an appellate brief written in a partnership. The spring semester concludes with practice and competition rounds, held from late February through the first week of April. All students are provided the opportunity to select their own partner, although it is not necessary to do so prior to the first day of class.

Through this program, we have been able to bring a piece of law school to groups of high school and college students. For more information, please contact Professor Jenean Kirby.